Mike Tyson & Mike Jones

Mike Tyson CP full res


Mike Tyson paid a visit to our Miracle Mile Shops location this weekend. The boxing legend picked up his favorite Swedish fish and sour apple gummies. Before leaving he made sure to grab a Couture Pop for his daughter and a couple scoops of raspberry gelato. Iron Mike graciously took pictures with his adoring fans and autographed some Couture Pops, too. One guest wanted a photo with Mike so bad that he ran to a nearby store and purchased a $1500 camera to document the occasion. Once getting his picture of a lifetime, the fan took the memory stick and gave his brand new camera to Mike.

Hip hop artist, Mike Jones, also made a New Year’s Eve appearance with one of our delicious Couture Pops in San Diego at Pussycat Dolls Dollhouse.

With every Couture Pop, no matter where you are, Sugar Factory is there to sparkle!

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