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Descubre que exige Pitbull en su camerino

Descubre que exige Pitbull en su camerino Descubre que exige Pitbull en su camerino El cantante lleva su fiesta a la capital del pecado y habla de su estrategia en los negocios, la educación en este país y la importancia de ayudarnos. También le confiesa a Elva Saray lo que nunca puede faltar en su …

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CNCO Celebrates at Sugar Factory Ocean Drive

On Tuesday December 13th, the Latin band CNCO visited Sugar Factory Ocean Drive with friends and family to celebrate the 1st anniversary as a band and also to celebrate the birthday of group member Zabdiel. They had a blast and really enjoyed our famous Goblets, Martinis and delicious food, from the Mac & Cheese Pops …

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Coco Invites You Inside Chanel’s Minnie Mouse-Themed 1st Birthday Party

Coco Throws Chanel a Minnie Mouse-Themed Birthday Party After first postponing her daughter’s party due to the death of her dog Spartacus, Coco invited family and friends to celebrate Chanel’s first 12 months at Sugar Factory in New York City Sunday. Only E! News was there as she explained how it all came together at …

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Rachel Melvin from “Dumb & Dumber To” at SF NYC

Inconveniently Interviewing Rachel Melvin while eating a ‘King Kong Sundae’Risa Sarachan Watch as Rachel Melvin (star of ‘Dumb and Dumber To’) and I get turned up and HAM in the sweets at the Sugar Factory American Brasserie in NYC! As we ‘Lady and the Tramp’ some licorice hear how a lucky gamble lead to Rachel becoming the awesome actress we know and love today (I’ve …

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